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Post publication impact

Promoting your article

We encourage authors to actively promote their articles globally to their colleagues and fellow researchers. Cambridge University Press provides a suite of resources to help you engage with your readership, increase your visibility and make your article more discoverable online.

Press Releases

To coordinate and provide additional publicity surrounding a press release, including Twitter and Facebook, for your publication please email as soon as possible after acceptance.


When tweeting about your article, please include the journal portfolio handle, @TheBJPsych.

Sharing your article

Cambridge University Press supports responsible social sharing of published research. This journal participates in Cambridge Core Share, a tool that enables readers to easily generate links to online, read-only journal articles that can be freely shared on social media sites and scholarly collaboration networks.

Please also check the details of your publishing agreement and our Green Open Access policy for details of how you may share the full text of your article.

Impact of individual articles

Cambridge Core displays Altmetric Attention Scores to help authors and readers see how much attention an article is getting online. These are displayed alongside the article's title in the journal's table of contents. Please see our guide to Altmetric for more information.

Improving access to research

We work with a number of organisations to improve access to research published in BJPsych for greater societal impact. Please email if you would like to discuss a potential collaboration.

BJPsych is not responsible for statements made by these organisations and they do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor-in-Chief or the College.

Podcasts with the Mental Health Foundation

BJPsych works with the Mental Health Foundation to produce a podcast series, available here. BJPsych provides a list of upcoming journal content for the Mental Health Foundation to choose a suitable article for discussion which is usually relatively accessible to the general public. The BJPsych Digital Content Editor organises the podcast participants which usually includes a service user and an author of the article or expert in the subject. The podcast is produced and hosted by Mental Health Foundation. All BJPsych podcasts are available on SoundCloud.

RCPsych Article of the Month

Each month a paper is selected by one of the Editors-in-Chief of the five RCPsych Journals (BJPsych, BJPsych Open, BJPsych Advances, BJPsych Bulletin and BJPsych International). The author of the paper is invited to write a blog post which is promoted via the RCPsych Publishing member newsletter and across social media. Blog posts are also commissioned outside the ‘Article of the Month’ scheme to highlight timely and relevant research. View all the blog posts via the RCPsych hub.