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Editorial board

Are you interested in joining the board of BJPsych? Read about the recruitment process, role description and responsibilities (pdf).

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds, including gender, age and ethnicity. We want an editorial board that reflects our values of equality and diversity with representation from a range of backgrounds. Therefore, we particularly encourage applications from underrepresented groups in academic psychiatry.

College Editor and Editor-in-Chief

Professor Gin Malhi, University of Sydney, Australia

Deputy Editors

Dr Emilio Fernandez Egea, University of Cambridge, UK

Editorial Advisors

Professor German Berrios, Cambridge University, UK

Professor Tamsin Ford, Cambridge University, UK

Professor John Geddes, University of Oxford, UK

Professor Scott Henderson, The Australian National University, Australia

Professor Belinda Lennox, Oxford University, UK

Professor John Rush, Duke-National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor Thomas G. Schulze, Univeristy of Munich, Germany

Section Leaders

Professor David Baldwin, University of Southampton, UK

Professor Dinesh Bhugra, King's College London, UK

Professor Sam Chamberlain, University of Southampton, UK

Dr Erika Comasco, Uppsala University, Sweden

Professor Hugo Critchley, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK

Professor Edgar Jones, King's College London, UK

Professor Veena Kumari, Brunel University of London, UK

Professor Stephen Lawrie, University of Edinburgh, UK

Dr William Lee, Plymouth University, UK

Professor Roger Mulder, University of Otago, New Zealand

Professor Allan Young, King's College London, UK

Section Editors

Dr Katherine Adlington, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr Adam Al-Diwani, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Shehzad Ali, University of York, UK

Dr Allan Beveridge (Book Reviews Editor; Cover Artwork Editor), Queen Margaret Hospital, UK

Professor Sarah Byford, King's College London, UK

Dr Colin Campbell (Correspondence Editor), King's College London, UK

Dr Rakesh K. Chadda, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India

Dr Angharad de Cates, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Riccardo De Giorgi, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Judith Harrison, Newcastle University, UK

Dr Joseph Hayes, University College London, UK

Dr Cyrus Ho, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Philipp Homan, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Dr Konstantinos Ioannidis, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and University of Southampton, UK

Dr Lana Kambeitz-Ilankovic, University of Cologne and Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany

Dr Eirini Karyotaki, VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr Rajeev Krishnadas, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, UK

Professor Philip McGuire, King's College London, UK

Professor Femi Oyebode (Book Reviews Editor; Extras Editor), University of Birmingham, UK

Dr Alexandra Pitman, University College London, UK

Dr Thomas Reilly, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Emmert Roberts, King’s College London, UK

Dr Zena Samaan, McMaster University, Canada

Dr Frauke Schultze-Lutter, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Dr James Shearer, King's College London, UK

Dr Katharine Smith, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Mustafa Soomro (Reviews Editor), St. James’s Hospital, UK

Professor Athula Sumathipala, Keele University, UK

Dr Stuart Watson, Newcastle University, UK

Dr Melvyn Zhang Weibin, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore

Portfolio Editors

Professor Asit Biswas (Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Advances), University of Leicester & Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, UK

Professor Andrew Forrester (Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Bulletin), Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University, UK

Dr Kenneth Kaufman (Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych Open), Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, USA

Dr Marinos Kyriakopoulos (Editor-in-Chief, BJPsych International), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens School of Medicine, Greece

International Editorial Board

Dr Regi Alexander, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Professor Alec Buchanan, Yale University, USA

Professor Patricia Casey, University College Dublin, Ireland

Professor Andrew Cheng, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Dr John Cookson, East London NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Professor Pim Cuijpers, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

Dr Claire de Oliveira, University of York, UK

Professor Colin Drummond, King's College London, UK

Professor Jianfeng Feng, Fudan University, China and Warwick University, UK

Dr Sinan Guloksuz, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Professor Peter Haddad, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Dr Madelyn Hicks, Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital, USA

Professor Khalida Ismail, King's College London, UK

Professor Navneet Kapur, University of Manchester, UK

Professor Steve Kisely, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Ivan Koychev, University of Oxford, UK

Professor Lin Lu, Peking University, China

Dr Kwame McKenzie, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada

Dr Marco Mula, St George's University Hospitals, UK

Professor Martin Orrell, Nottingham University, UK

Dr Sarah Peters, The University of Manchester, UK

Dr Michael Phillips, Shanghai Mental Health Centre, China

Dr Mariana Pinto Da Costa, Queen Mary University London, UK

Professor Sukhwinder Shergill, King's College London, UK

Professor Dan Siskind, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Shuichi Suetani, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, Brisbane, Australia

Dr Eric Tan, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Dr Leila Tarokh, University of Bern, Switzerland

Dr Derek Tracy, West London NHS Trust, UK

Professor Richard Williams, University of South Wales, UK

Dr Yaara Zisman-Ilani, Temple University, USA

Statistical Advisors

Professor Pak Chung Sham, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dr Dawn Holmes, UC Santa Barbara, USA

Anikó Lovik, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Dr Nick Meader, University of Newcastle, UK

Professor Prathiba Natesan Batley, University of Louisville, USA

Professor Eva Petkova, New York University, USA

Dr Rob Saunders, University College London, UK

Dr Jingwei Wu, Temple University, USA

Professor Min Yang, Sichuan University, China

Dr Nanhua Zhang, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA


Dianndra Roberts, Senior Publishing Coordinator

Holly Drury, Managing Editor