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About this journal
Royal Historical Society Camden Fifth Series
  • ISSN: 0960-1163 (Print), 1478-5110 (Online)
  • Frequency: 2 volumes per year

The Royal Historical Society's Camden Series is one of the most prestigious and important collections of primary source material relating to British History, including the British empire and Britain's influence overseas. The Society (and is predecessor, the Camden Society) has since 1838 published scholarly editions of sources - making important, previously unpublished texts available to researchers. Each volume is edited by a specialist historian who provides an expert introduction and commentary. Today the Society publishes two new Camden volumes each year in association with Cambridge University Press.

The complete Camden Series now comprises over 325 volumes of primary source material, ranging from the early medieval to late-twentieth century Britain. The full series is available via Cambridge Core, providing an extraordinary rich conspectus of source material for British History as well as insights into the development of historical scholarship in the English speaking world.

Proposals for new Camden volumes are always welcome. For more on the Series and how to submit a proposal, please see the Royal Historical Society Website.

Title history

Currently known as:
Royal Historical Society Camden Fifth Series
Vol 1 (1992) onwards
ISSN: 0960-1163 (Print), 1478-5110 (Online)

Formerly known as:
Camden Fourth Series
Vol 1 (1964) - Vol 64 (1992)
ISSN: 0068-6905 (Print), 0068-6905 (Online)

Camden Third Series
Vol 1 (1900) - Vol 94 (1963)
ISSN: 2042-1710 (Print), 2042-1710 (Online)

Camden New Series
Vol 1 (1872) - Vol 62 (1901)
ISSN: 2042-1702 (Print), 2042-1702 (Online)

Camden Old Series
Vol 1 (1838) - Vol 105 (1872)
ISSN: 2042-1699 (Print), 2042-1699 (Online)

This journal is published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of its managers and owners, the Royal Historical Society.