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About JPP

JPP aspires to be the intellectual home of those who think of plasma physics as a fundamental discipline. The journal focuses on publishing research on laboratory plasmas (including magnetically confined and inertial fusion plasmas), space physics and plasma astrophysics that takes advantage of the rapid ongoing progress in instrumentation and computing to advance fundamental understanding of multiscale plasma physics. The Journal welcomes submissions of analytical, numerical, observational and experimental work: both original research and tutorial- or review-style papers, as well as proposals for its Lecture Notes series.

Types of Article

JPP welcomes the following article types:

  • Research Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Letters
  • Tutorials
  • Lecture Notes
  • Editorials
  • Comment
  • Reply
  • Erratum

These article types may be eligible for APC waivers or discounts under one of the agreements Cambridge University Press has made to support open access.

Peer Review Process

This journal uses a single-blind peer review model. This means that the identity of the authors is known to the peer reviewers, but the identity of the peer reviewers is not known to the authors.