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Review process

This journal uses a double-anonymised model of peer review. Neither author nor reviewers know the identity of each other. 

We seek to review and reach an editorial decision on manuscripts as quickly as possible. For this reason, a substantial number of manuscripts are rejected without soliciting outside reviews, generally because the submission is outside the journal’s remit, or is not of the high quality to which we aspire. Manuscripts that pass this first level of review are subject to an interdisciplinary double-anonymous peer review process. These manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by at least two reviewers drawn from around the world, typically including at least one reviewer from law and at least one reviewer from either politics or international relations. The ultimate decision to accept, invite a resubmission, or reject a paper is based on the evaluations of all reviewers, and the manuscript’s assigned editor.


To appeal an editorial decision, contact the Editor and specify the reason for your appeal. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Editor together with another member of the editorial team who was not involved in the review of the manuscript. The final decision regarding your appeal will rest with the Editor.