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Continues Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1788 - 1979), Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences (1980 - 2006)
Title history
  • ISSN: 1755-6910 (Print), 1755-6929 (Online)
  • Editor: Rob Ellam Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, UK|(Isotope geochemistry, igneous petrogenesis)
  • Editorial board
Earth and Environmental Science Transactions (formerly Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences) is a general earth sciences journal publishing a comprehensive selection of substantial peer-reviewed research papers, reviews and short communications of international standard across the broad spectrum of the Earth and its surface environments. The journal prides itself on the quality of its graphics and photographic reproduction. The Editors are keen to encourage interdisciplinary papers and Transactions also publishes occasional special symposia and invited volumes of specific interest.
The entire archive of the Transactions, dating back to 1788, is available from the 'All issues' link on this site.

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