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Journal awards

Business Ethics Quarterly Outstanding Article Award (winners and finalists)


Winner: Daniel Arenas, Laura Albareda, and Jennifer Goodman

Contestation in Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives: Enhancing the Democratic Quality of Transnational Governance” Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(2), 169-199.

Finalist: Harrison Frye

The Ethics of Noncompete Clauses” Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(2), 229-249.

Finalist: Christian Linder and Siavash Farahbakhsh

Unfolding the Black Box of Questionable Research Practices: Where Is the Line Between Acceptable and Unacceptable Practices?” Business Ethics Quarterly, 30(3), 335-360.



Winner: Santiago Mejia

Weeding Out Flawed Versions of Shareholder Primacy: A Reflection on the Moral Obligations That Carry Over From Principals to Agents” Business Ethics Quarterly, 29(4), 519-544.

Finalist: Vivek Soundararajan, Jill A. Brown, and Andrew C. Wicks

Can Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives Improve Global Supply Chains? Improving Deliberative Capacity with a Stakeholder Orientation” Business Ethics Quarterly, 29(3), 385-412.

Finalist: Robert C. Hughes

Paying People to Risk Life or Limb” Business Ethics Quarterly, 29(3), 295-316.



Winner: Rutger Claassen and Anna Gerbrandy

Doing Good Together: Competition Law and the Political Legitimacy of Interfirm Cooperation” Business Ethics Quarterly, 28(4), 401-425.

Finalist: Iain Munro and Torkild Thanem

The Ethics of Affective Leadership: Organizing Good Encounters Without Leaders” Business Ethics Quarterly, 28(1), 51-69.



Winner: Lauren McCarthy

Empowering Women through Corporate Social Responsibility: A Feminist Foucauldian Critique” Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(4), 603-631

Finalist: Cameron Sabadoz and Abraham Singer

Talk Ain’t Cheap: Political CSR and the Challenges of Corporate Deliberation” Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(2), 183-211

Finalist: Sareh Pouryousefi and Jeff Frooman

The Problem of Unilateralism in Agency Theory: Towards a Bilateral Formulation” Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(2), 163-182



Winner: Jessica A. Kennedy, Tae Wan Kim and Alan Strudler

Hierarchies and Dignity: A Confucian Communitarian Approach” Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(6), 479-502

Finalist: Leena Lankoski, N. Craig Smith and Luk Van Wassenhove

Stakeholder Judgments of Value” Business Ethics Quarterly, 26(2), 227-256

Finalist: Alejo Jose G. Sison, Ignacio Ferrero and Gregorio Guitian

Human Dignity and the Dignity of Work: Insights from Catholic Social Teaching” Business Ethics Quarterly, 26(4), 503-528



Winner:  James Dempsey

Moral Responsibility, Shared Values, and Corporate Culture” Business Ethics Quarterly, 25(3): 319-340 

Finalist: Jennifer Goodman and Daniel Arenas

Engaging Ethically: A Discourse Ethics Perspective on Social shareholder Engagement” Business Ethics Quarterly, 25(2): 163-189

Finalist: Danielle E. Warren, Marietta Peytcheva and Joseph P. Gaspar

When Ethical Tones at the Top Conflict: Adapting Priority Rules to Reconcile Conflicting Tones” Business Ethics Quarterly, 25(4): 559-582



Winner: Tae Wan Kim

Decent Termination: A Moral Case for Severance Pay” Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(2): 203-227

Finalist: Joshua Preiss

Global Labor Justice and the Limits of Economic Analysis” Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(1): 55-83

Finalist: Pablo Garcia-Ruiz and Carlos Rodriguez-Lluesma

Consumption Practices: A Virtue Ethics Approach” Business Ethics Quarterly, 24(4): 509-531    



Winner: Thomas M. Jones and Will Felps

Stakeholder Happiness Enhancement:  A Neo-Utilitarian Objective for the Modern Corporation” Business Ethics Quarterly, 23(3): 349-379

Finalist: Philipp Schreck, Dominik van Aaken and Thomas Donaldson

Positive Economics and the Normativistic Fallacy: Bridging the Two Sides of CSR” Business Ethics Quarterly, 23(2): 297-329.

Finalist: Pete Tashman and Jonathan Raelin

Who and What Really Matters to the Firm: Moving Stakeholder Salience beyond Managerial Perception” Business Ethics Quarterly, 23(4): 591-616



Winner: Florian Wettstein

CSR and the Debate on Business and Human Rights” Business Ethics Quarterly, 22 (4): 739-770



Winner: Jeffery Smith and Wim Dubbink

Understanding the Role of Moral Principles in Business Ethics:  A Kantian Perspective” Business Ethics Quarterly, 21(2): 205-231



Winner: Jeremy Snyder

Exploitation and Sweatshop Labour: Perspectives and Issues” Business Ethics Quarterly, 20(2): 187-213



Winner: David M. Wasieleski and Sefa Hayibor

Evolutionary Psychology and Business Ethics Research” Business Ethics Quarterly, 19(4): 587-616



Winner: Ruodan Shao, Karl Aquino and Dan Freeman

Beyond moral reasoning:  A review of moral identity research and its implications for business ethics” Business Ethics Quarterly, 18(4):  513-540

Business Ethics Quarterly Outstanding Reviewer Award winners

2021: Anne Antoni, Grenoble Ecole de Management

2020: Niki den Nieuwenboer, University of Kansas

2019: Lori Verstegen Ryan, San Diego State University

2018: Jeff Harrison, University of Richmond

2017: Sebastien Mena, City University of London

2016: Ben Wempe, RSM Erasmus University

2015: Norman Bowie, University of Minnesota

2014: Jason Stansbury, Calvin College

2013: Jeffrey Moriarty, Bentley University

2012: Scott J. Reynolds, University of Washington