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Research transparency

Business Ethics Quarterly believes in the importance of transparent and reproducible research. We encourage authors of empirical submissions to follow best practices in reporting methods and findings.

Where possible we encourage authors to make evidence, data, code, and other materials that underpin their findings available to readers. We encourage the use of Data Availability Statements to describe whether the materials that underpin research findings have been made available to readers, and if so, where. Such statements are appropriately added to the back matter of an article, before the References, after the submission is accepted.

When sharing materials, we recommend using a dedicated data repository appropriate to the materials. In particular, repositories that provide permanent identifiers and have robust preservation policies will help to ensure the long-term integrity of published research.

We also encourage authors to cite materials and data they have used in their research, alongside literature citations.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the editorial office.