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Clarivate 2020 Journal Citation Reports® Impact Factor
5-year Impact Factor: 6.134
2-year Impact Factor: 4.697
BEQ's 2-year impact factor ranks 6th of 56 journals in ethics
BEQ's 2-year impact factor ranks 84th of 154 journals in business

Scopus CiteScore
BEQ's CiteScore of 4.2 places it 18th out of 718 Philosophy journals and 52nd out of 216 General Business, Management, and Accounting journals. 

Scimago Journal Rank
BEQ's SJR score of 1.535 ranks 26th of 351 journals in the Business, Management, and Accounting (miscellaneous) category, and ranks 11th out of 700 journals in the Philosophy category.

The  Association of Business Schools' 2021 Academic Journal Guide gave BEQ a 4 rating ("a top journal"). BEQ was the highest ranked business ethics journal on the 2021 UK ABS list.

ABDC (Australia)
The Australian Business Deans Council Journal Rankings List in 2019 gave BEQ a rank of A.

FNEGE (France)
The 'Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises’ rankings list in 2019 gave BEQ a 2 rating ("highly selective journals with a very demanding peer review process").

ESSEC (Paris)
The ESSEC Business School Paris Journals Quality List in 2017 put BEQ in group 1 ("high-level scientific journals of international reputation").

VHB (Germany)
The Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) in 2015 had BEQ in the B category ("important and respected" academic outlets).