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Book review information

Book reviews are a unique element of The Aeronautical Journal and serves to give the reader increased access to the world of academic research via the review of books within a wide-range of topics and disciplines researched within the broad field of Aeronautical Engineering, none of our competitors offer such a service. Full-length reviews of recent publications and technical textbooks on subjects as diverse as aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, fluid mechanics, CFD, materials, structures, composites, navigation, avionics, satellites, rockets, simulation, propulsion, ATM, smart aircraft, orbital dynamics and more are published in The Aeronautical  Journal

Both new books and book reviewers are always welcome.  Among issues addressed in a book review may include; the book's intention, how the book is structured, its subject coverage (what areas are incorporated/excluded) and the book's strengths and weaknesses.  The suggested word-length of around 300 words for the review is only a guideline; often reviewers go beyond this word-length if they feel that more needs to be said about a particular work due to its importance or failings.

In addition to reviews being published on this website, they are also published in the hardcopy Aeronautical Journal while PDFs of the book review pages for both The Aeronautical Journal and book reviews in AEROSPACE (The RAeS monthly membership magazine) featuring books of a less scientific nature on subjects such as airline safety, economics/business,  aerospace/aviation history,  aviation medicine, air law, air power, etc, are available to be viewed at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s website;

The National Aerospace Library catalogue of over 100,000 records is now available online for anyone from anywhere around the world to research at;

From within the main database catalogue of recently published books you can now access an area where a book has been reviewed in recent years with a link to the published review in The Aeronautical Journal/AEROSPACE (all reviews published back to January 2012 are linked in this way).