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The Political Economy of International Trade Law
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International experts from law, economics and political science provide in-depth analysis of international trade issues. Attorneys, economists and political scientists adopt a common viewpoint, entitled 'transcending the ostensible'. This approach directs particular attention to the possibility that WTO legal institutions, like other international legal institutions, will function in unexpected ways due to the political and economic conditions of the international environment in which they have been created, and in which they operate. A range of trade problems are considered here. Topics include the constitutional dimensions of international trade law, adding subjects and restructuring existing subjects to international trade law, the legal relations between developed and developing countries, and the operation of the WTO dispute settlement procedure. This will be an essential volume for professionals and academics involved with international trade policy.


Review of the hardback:‘The uniformly well-written essays provide a fascinating look into the WTO, offering insights into WTO negotiations as well as national government decision-making and the operations of the WTO Secretariat … the intended audience … will find much of interest and value in this volume.’

Source: The Cambridge Law Journal

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