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Worm meal: a potential source of alternative protein in poultry feed

  • S. KHAN (a1), S. NAZ (a2), A. SULTAN (a1), I.A. ALHIDARY (a3), M.M. ABDELRAHMAN (a3), R.U. KHAN (a1) (a3), N.A. KHAN (a1), M.A. KHAN (a1) and S. AHMAD (a1)...


Protein is the main limiting factor and the second most expensive feed component of poultry ration after energy. In many developing countries, poultry feed prices are consistently increasing because of the dependency on imported soybean meal. In order to decrease the dependency of the poultry feed sector on soybean meal it is necessary to find sustainable alternative protein sources. This review summarises recent findings on the nutritive value of maggot meal, earth worm meal, meal worms and silkworm meal and discusses their potential as an alternative protein source for poultry feed sector.


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