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Technological investigation into duck meat and its products - a potential alternative to chicken

  • S. BISWAS (a1), R. BANERJEE (a1), D. BHATTACHARYYA (a1), G. PATRA (a1), A.K. DAS (a2) and S.K. DAS (a3)...


Duck production has the potential to play a major role in agricultural economy. Asian countries alone contribute 84.2% of total duck meat produced in the world. Driven by the demand of processed foods among consumers, the global duck meat market is expected to grow at a steady pace, reaching a value of about $11.23 billion in the coming years. Duck meat has higher muscle fibre content in breast meat compared to chicken, and is considered as red meat. Moreover, due to a higher fat content (13.8%) than chicken and a stronger gamey flavour, duck meat can be less appreciated by the consumer. Development and diversification of ready-to-eat duck meat products is expected to increase consumption levels. Hence, the status of duck meat production, physicochemical properties, processing, including traditional products, and development of novel value-added ready-to-eat products from spent duck meat is discussed in detail to explore its importance as an alternative to chicken.


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Technological investigation into duck meat and its products - a potential alternative to chicken

  • S. BISWAS (a1), R. BANERJEE (a1), D. BHATTACHARYYA (a1), G. PATRA (a1), A.K. DAS (a2) and S.K. DAS (a3)...


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