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Role of dendritic cells in immunity against avian coccidiosis

  • M. SHOAIB (a1), S. XIAOKAI (a2), M. UL-HASAN (a1), A. ZAFAR (a3), A. RIAZ (a1), S. UMAR (a1), M. ALI SHAH (a1) and L. XIANGRUI (a2)...


Dendritic cells (DC) are central regulators of immune responses and professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) with the unique ability to induce both innate immune responses and a highly specific acquired immunity. DC communicates through chemical and mechanical signals in the initiation and maintenance of immune responses. DC forms immunological synapses with T-cells thus pulling T-cells strings and leading to activation of T-cells. Owing to their properties, DC are often called ‘nature's adjuvants’ and thus have become an important component of any vaccination strategy. Coccidiosis is a major intestinal disease caused by Eimeria spp., affecting economically valuable livestock animals such as chickens and turkeys. Economic losses are associated with decreased productivity in afflicted poultry. Vaccination strategies involving DC have been developed owing to the special properties of these cells in coordinating innate and adaptive immune responses. Vaccination of chickens with exosomes isolated from DC containing parasite antigens (Ags) represents a promising alternative strategy to control avian coccidiosis. In recent years, emergence of new chicken DC has opened a new horizon for the development of new vaccines and DC derived vaccine could be a possible strategy to control coccidiosis in field. This review summarises the current state of knowledge of DC and their specific functions in immunity against avian coccidiosis.


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Role of dendritic cells in immunity against avian coccidiosis

  • M. SHOAIB (a1), S. XIAOKAI (a2), M. UL-HASAN (a1), A. ZAFAR (a3), A. RIAZ (a1), S. UMAR (a1), M. ALI SHAH (a1) and L. XIANGRUI (a2)...


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