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Immunomodulatory efficacy of yeast cell products in poultry: a current review



The changes in the immune function of birds obtained during decades of intensive selection are rather disadvantageous. Today's chickens and turkeys are more susceptible to different infectious and metabolic diseases and exhibit a high mortality rate. Subsequently in recent years there is growing interest in the use of feed additives with immunomodulatory properties in intensive poultry production. This article reviews and discusses the results of current studies on the effects of yeast cell products on the different mechanisms of the immune system in poultry. The majority of the experiments presented in this review indicate that the use of yeast derivatives may have a beneficial influence on the immune system and resistance to the colonisation of pathogenic microorganisms. However, the positive effect of yeast derivatives on the immune system is not always reflected in an improvement in production parameters, especially when the experiments are conducted on healthy (non-challenged) birds.


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Immunomodulatory efficacy of yeast cell products in poultry: a current review



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