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Aspects of Salmonella enteritidis control in poultry

  • J.D.P. O'Brien (a1)


Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4 was recovered from the yolk sacs of broiler chickens in East Anglia, UK, during 1987. When the same phage type 4 was identified in two of the supply flocks, transovarian infection was suspected. These findings were of particular interest to the Public Health Laboratory Service because they provided a possible explanation for the unprecedented increase in food poisoning during 1988 linked to the consumption of shell eggs. Some of the problems of diagnosis are discussed in breeder hens and in the progeny. Effective control of S. enteritidis phage 4 in poultry is dependent on the accurate detection of infected breeder/layer hens in which vertical transmission is the essential distinguishing feature from most other non-invasive, enteric salmonellas found in poultry. The mandatory testing of poultry flocks by the UK Ministry of Agriculture introduced in March 1989 has led to the compulsory slaughter of a large number of birds as prescribed by the Zoonosis (1989) Order. The benefits of this policy should soon become apparent to poultry producers and to the consumer.



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Aspects of Salmonella enteritidis control in poultry

  • J.D.P. O'Brien (a1)


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