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Weed Management Strategies for Conservation-Tillage Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

  • Randy L. Anderson (a1), Drew J. Lyon (a2) and Don L. Tanaka (a3)


We compared applications of trifluralin or ethalfluralin granules incorporated with a sweep plow or pendimethalin (ec) applied without incorporation to incorporating trifluralin (ec) by tandem-disk harrowing for sunflower production. The study was established in winter wheat stubble at three sites in the northern and central Great Plains. Crop residues on the soil surface following sunflower planting was greater than 30% (level required to protect soil from erosion) with all conservation-tillage strategies, but not with disk incorporation. Weed control and sunflower seed yield with conservation-tillage strategies were similar to the disk incorporation practice, demonstrating that producers can use these strategies for sunflower production and to protect soil from erosion.



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