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Weed Management in Narrow- and Wide-Row Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean (Glycine max)

  • Bryan G. Young (a1), Julie M. Young (a1), Lisa C. Gonzini (a2), Stephen E. Hart (a2), Loyd M. Wax (a3) and George Kapusta (a1)...


Field experiments were conducted over 3 yr at three locations in Illinois to evaluate the efficacy of glyphosate in glyphosate-resistant soybean planted in rows spaced 19, 38, and 76 cm. Minimal soybean injury (less than 10%) was observed from any glyphosate treatment. Glyphosate treatments controlled 82 to 99% of giant foxtail. Common waterhemp control was increased as soybean row spacing was decreased. Applying sequential glyphosate applications or increasing the glyphosate rate from 420 g ae/ha to 840 g/ha frequently increased common waterhemp control in 76-cm rows. Velvetleaf control with glyphosate was variable, ranging from 48 to 99%. Decreasing soybean row spacing, utilizing sequential glyphosate applications, or increasing the glyphosate rate improved velvetleaf control in at least four of eight site-years. Glyphosate treatments generally resulted in weed control and soybean yield equal to or greater than the standard herbicide treatments. However, glyphosate treatments yielded less than the hand-weeded control in four of eight site-years, suggesting that weed control from glyphosate treatments was sometimes inadequate.


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