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Time of Removal of Crownbeard (Verbesina encelioides) on Peanut Yield

  • Rodney L. Farris (a1), Cody J. Gray (a1), Don S. Murray (a1) and Laval M. Verhalen (a1)


Field experiments were conducted in southwestern Oklahoma near Colony in 2000 and near Ft. Cobb in 2001 to quantify the effect of time of removal of a natural population of crownbeard on peanut yield. Weed densities and dry weed weights were measured at eight weed-removal times, and in-shell peanut yields were determined at harvest. Crownbeard was removed at 0 (the weed-free check), 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 wk (full season) after crop emergence (WAE). Weed density was a poor predictor for dry weed weight and peanut yield; however, dry weed weight and time of removal were good predictors for peanut yield. Weed growth was minimal up to 4 WAE and increased linearly after that time. For each week of weed growth, a 0.52 kg/plot increase in dry weed weight was measured. Peanut yield decreased linearly because of crownbeard competition. For each kilogram per plot increase in dry weed weight, a 129 kg/ha or 5.1% peanut yield reduction took place. For each week of weed interference, a 75 kg/ha or 2.8% peanut yield reduction occurred. Crownbeard removal by or before 4 WAE will minimize losses in peanut yield because of interference.


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1 Published with the approval of the Director, Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University.
Current address: Research Associate I, Plant and Soil Sciences Department, P.O. Box 9555, Mississippi State, MS 39762.



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Time of Removal of Crownbeard (Verbesina encelioides) on Peanut Yield

  • Rodney L. Farris (a1), Cody J. Gray (a1), Don S. Murray (a1) and Laval M. Verhalen (a1)


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