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‘Tifway’ Bermudagrass Growth Regulation with the Use of Trinexapac-Ethyl and Flurprimidol

  • Frederick W. Totten (a1), Joe E. Toler (a2) and Lambert B. Mccarty (a2)


Studies were conducted for 12 wk from June 16 to September 8, 2003 and July 10 to October 4, 2004 with the objective of evaluating growth regulation, lateral regrowth, and injury of Tifway bermudagrass [Cynodon dactylon (L.) × C. transvaalensis Burtt-Davy Tifway] in response to two GA-inhibiting plant growth regulators, trinexapac-ethyl and flurprimidol. Trinexapac-ethyl was applied alone at 0, 0.052, and 0.104 kg ai/ha and flurprimidol alone at 0, 0.14, and 0.28 kg ai/ ha, plus all combinations. Applications were made every 3 wk for the duration of the study. Tifway bermudagrass clipping yield was reduced 33% and 54% by trinexapac-ethyl at 0.104 kg/ha at 4 and 8 wk after initial treatment (WAIT), respectively. Flurprimidol at 0.28 kg/ha reduced clipping yield 49% 8 WAIT. Lateral regrowth was reduced 20% 2 WAIT by trinexapac-ethyl at 0.104 kg/ha, and 26% 2 WAIT by flurprimidol at 0.28 kg/ha. Lateral regrowth was reduced 13% 4 WAIT by trinexapac-ethyl at 0.104 kg/ha, and 15% 4 WAIT by flurprimidol at 0.28 kg/ha. Overall, acceptable injury (<30%) was observed with a trinexapac-ethyl and flurprimidol tank mixture; however, this evaluation did not indicate an advantage in growth regulation when using a tank mixture of these products, compared to using them alone.


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