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Spring Wheat, Canola, and Sunflower Response to Persian Darnel (Lolium persicum) Interference

  • Johnathon D. Holman (a1), Alvin J. Bussan (a1), Bruce D. Maxwell (a1), Perry R. Miller (a1) and James A. Mickelson (a2)...


Integrated weed management practices, such as crop rotation and increased seeding rates, potentially improve weed management. Yet, few studies compare competitive interactions of weeds with different crops. This research quantified the impact of Persian darnel on spring wheat, canola, and sunflower yield across different seeding rates. Increasing crop density increased yield when Persian darnel affected crop yield early in physiological development. Crop yield loss was estimated to reach 83, 70, and 57% for spring wheat, canola, and sunflower, respectively, at high Persian darnel densities. Persian darnel reduced spring wheat yield by limiting the number of tillers per plant and seed per tiller; reduced canola yield by limiting the number of branches per plant, pods per branch, and seed per pod; and reduced sunflower yield by limiting the number of seed per plant. Persian darnel affected crop growth early in physiological development, indicating that interspecific interference occurred early in the growing season. Cultural and resource management aimed at reducing Persian darnel impact on resource availability and crop yield components will reduce Persian darnel impact on crop yield.


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