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Seed Biology of Sulfonylurea-Resistant and -Susceptible Biotypes of Prickly Lettuce (Lactuca serriola)

  • Mauricio Alcocer-Ruthling (a1), Donald C. Thill (a1) and Bahman Shafii (a1)


The persistence of herbicide-resistant biotypes within a given weed population can be highly correlated with the longevity of its seed in the soil and its reproductive ability. This study compared seed longevity of sulfonylurea-susceptible (S) and -resistant (R) biotypes of prickly lettuce in soil at three depths and two locations. Seed longevity in soil was not different between R and S biotypes. Seed longevity was longer when seed were buried compared to seed placed on the soil surface. A field study on seed production showed that prickly lettuce plants produced an average of 14 flower heads and 181 seed per day. Average seed weight was 0.6 mg. No differences were observed in the fecundity or seed viability between the R and S biotypes. However, seed from R biotype plants germinated as fast or faster than seed from S biotype plants.



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Seed Biology of Sulfonylurea-Resistant and -Susceptible Biotypes of Prickly Lettuce (Lactuca serriola)

  • Mauricio Alcocer-Ruthling (a1), Donald C. Thill (a1) and Bahman Shafii (a1)


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