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Purple and Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus and C. esculentus) Response to Postemergence Herbicides in Cotton

  • Ian C. Burke (a1), Shawn C. Troxler (a2), John W. Wilcut (a2) and W. David Smith (a2)


Greenhouse studies were conducted to evaluate the nature of the cotton postemergence (POST) herbicides followed by (fb) MSMA postemergence-directed (LAYBY) for foliar and tuber reduction of yellow and purple nutsedge when applied to nutsedge at two different application timings. Trifloxysulfuron at 4 and 6 g ai/ha fb MSMA LAYBY reduced 10- to 15- and 20- to 30-cm purple and yellow nutsedge root and shoot dry weights by at least 56%. However, the effect of weed size at the time of application was significant for trifloxysulfuron at 6 g/ha for percent root and shoot reductions in yellow nutsedge and percent root reduction in purple nutsedge. Significance of herbicide rate was only observed for percent shoot and root reduction of 10- to 15-cm yellow nutsedge. Trifloxysulfuron treatments reduced purple and yellow nutsedge shoot and root dry weights equivalent to treatments involving glyphosate POST fb MSMA LAYBY. MSMA at 1,120 and 2,240 g/ha and glufosinate POST fb MSMA LAYBY were effective for reducing purple and yellow nutsedge shoot dry weights, although percent reduction was influenced by nutsedge height at herbicide application. Treatments involving pyrithiobac POST fb MSMA LAYBY slightly increased 10- to 15-cm yellow nutsedge root dry weights. MSMA at either rate produced additive responses when included in tank mixtures with trifloxysulfuron at either rate or pyrithiobac POST fb MSMA LAYBY in yellow nutsedge. Other tank mixes or sequential combinations did not cause additive or synergistic responses.


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