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Interactions of quizalofop-p-ethyl mixed with contact herbicides in ACCase-resistant rice production

  • Samer Y. Rustom (a1), Eric P. Webster (a2), David C. Blouin (a3) and Benjamin M. McKnight (a4)


A field study was conducted in 2015 and 2016 near Crowley, LA, to evaluate antagonistic, synergistic, or neutral interactions of quizalofop when mixed with contact herbicides labeled for use in rice production. Quizalofop was applied at 120 g ai ha−1. Mixture herbicides included bentazon at 1,050 g ai ha−1, carfentrazone at 18 g ai ha−1, propanil at 3,360 g ai ha−1, saflufenacil at 25 g ai ha−1, and thiobencarb at 3,360 g ai ha−1. A second application of quizalofop at 120 g ha−1 was made at 28 d after the initial application (DAIT) to evaluate control of weeds escaping the initial treatment. At 14 and 28 DAIT, red rice, ‘CLXL-745’, and ‘CL-111’ treated with quizalofop plus propanil indicated an antagonistic response with an observed control of 69% to 71% compared with an expected control of 92% to 94%. Barnyardgrass treated with the same mixture also indicated an antagonistic response at 14 and 28 DAIT with an observed control of 16% compared with an expected control of 94%. Barnyardgrass treated with quizalofop plus saflufenacil indicated an antagonistic response at 14 DAIT; however, the same mixture produced a neutral response by 28 DAIT. In addition, a second application of quizalofop was not able to overcome the antagonism observed with a quizalofop plus propanil mixture at 14 and 28 DAIT for red rice, CLXL-745, CL-111, or barnyardgrass control. Quizalofop mixed with carfentrazone or thiobencarb produced a neutral response for all weeds evaluated at each evaluation date.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Eric P. Webster, Email:


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