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Influence of Herbicides and Tillage on Weed Control, Yield, and Quality of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata)

  • Greg D. Hoyt (a1), A. Richard Bonanno (a2) and Glenn C. Parker (a3)


Transplanted cabbage was grown in conventional-tillage (100% cultivated) and strip-tillage (25% cultivated and 75% residue) production systems with various herbicide treatments to evaluate weed control and cabbage yield. DCPA at 9 kg ai/ha, napropamide at 1.1 kg ai/ha, oxyfluorfen at 0.3 kg ai/ha, and oxyfluorfen at 0.2 kg ai/ha plus napropamide at 1.1 kg ai/ha provided commercially acceptable (> 80%) control of carpetweed, swinecress, large crabgrass, redroot pigweed, and common lambsquarters under both tillage systems. However, only oxyfluorfen plus napropamide provided control of eclipta. At a second location, all herbicides controlled common purslane and barnyardgrass and all but DCPA controlled hairy galinsoga. Overall, cabbage yields were the same between conventional and strip-tillage systems, and among herbicide treatments when average cabbage head weights across tillage method were pooled.


Corresponding author

Second author currently Sr. Ext. Spec., Univ. Massachusetts Coop. Ext., Amherst.


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Influence of Herbicides and Tillage on Weed Control, Yield, and Quality of Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata)

  • Greg D. Hoyt (a1), A. Richard Bonanno (a2) and Glenn C. Parker (a3)


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