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Efficacy and Economics of Various Mechanical Plus Chemical Weed Control Systems in Dry Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

  • Orvin C. Burnside (a1), William H. Ahrens (a2), Bobby J. Holder (a3), Melvin J. Wiens (a4), Michelle M. Johnson (a4) and Eric A. Ristau (a5)...


Various mechanical plus chemical weed control systems for dry bean production were evaluated at Carrington, ND and Crookston and Staples, MN during 1991 and 1992. A dozen tillage plus herbicide weed control systems are available to growers that can provide selective and effective weed control in dry beans without reliance on chloramben—a standard herbicide on dry beans that has been lost. Dry bean yields were similar with low or high level tillage treatments because most of the herbicide treatments with one cultivation gave adequate weed control and any additional tillage did not improve weed control. Kidney bean yields and prices were greater than either pinto or navy beans so the net returns (bean market value minus production costs) were much greater for kidney bean production. Dry bean producers in the North Central part of the U.S. have at their disposal dependable mechanical plus chemical weed control systems, and their market value has been sufficient to make dry bean production very economical in this region.



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