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Control of Mannagrass (Glyceria declinata) and Southern Watergrass (Luziola fluitans) in Water-seeded Rice (Oryza sativa)

  • Michael P. Braverman (a1)


Preplant control of mannagrass was greater than 90% with clethodim, glyphosate, sethoxydim, and sulfosate. Glyphosate at 0.5 to 1.0 kg ai/ha controlled mannagrass greater than 97%, and was not increased with any adjuvant. Fenoxaprop applied POST controlled mannagrass 97% but injured rice 33%. Except for fenoxaprop-ethyl, all POST treatments increased rice yields at least 1560 kg/ha more than the non-treated check. Southern watergrass was controlled 79 and 89% with 1.0 kg ai/ha glyphosate and 4.5 kg ai/ha sulfosate, respectively, while control was less than 55% with other herbicides.



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