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Analysis of Synergistic and Antagonistic Effects of Herbicides Using Nonlinear Mixed-Model Methodology

  • David C. Blouin (a1), Eric P. Webster (a2) and Wei Zhang (a2)


When herbicides are applied in mixture, and infestation by weeds is less than expected compared with when herbicides are applied alone, a synergistic effect is said to exist. The inverse response is described as being antagonistic. However, if the expected response is defined as a multiplicative, nonlinear function of the means for the herbicides when applied alone, then standard linear model methodology for tests of hypotheses does not apply directly. Consequently, nonlinear mixed-model methodology was explored using the nonlinear mixed-model procedure (PROC NLMIXED) of SAS System®. Generality of the methodology is illustrated using data from a randomized block design with repeated measures in time. Nonlinear mixed-model estimates and tests of synergistic and antagonistic effects were more sensitive in detecting significance, and PROC NLMIXED was a versatile tool for implementation.


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∗ Publication 03-14-0974 Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series.



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Analysis of Synergistic and Antagonistic Effects of Herbicides Using Nonlinear Mixed-Model Methodology

  • David C. Blouin (a1), Eric P. Webster (a2) and Wei Zhang (a2)


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