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Sputtered-deposited thin brass films in a modified glow discharge Grimm-type source

  • K. I. Grais (a1), M. A. Eid (a1), N. L. Tawfik (a1), M. S. Abd-El-Aal (a1) and A. A. Shaltout (a1)...


Modification of the non-assisted gas flow-line across the target surface in a Grimm-type glow discharge source is described. The new flow–line permits the gas to flow through a cylindrical annular space ending with a disc-space annular gap, facing the target surface. This configuration would cause directed jet assisted gas flow rays to impinge on infinite points across the cathode surface. Improvement has been achieved in the V-I characteristics where $\Delta V$ / $\Delta I$ increases from 1.8 to 3.5 V/mA. The sputtering as well as simultaneous deposition rates, have been increased by a factor of 16 and 17 respectively. These roll over with increasing sputtering time, their maximum values at a characteristic time, t oc of 21 min. The t oc value was constant for different operating parameters provided that the source geometry assembly is kept fixed. The presence of a glass substrate in the anode cavity has, apparently, no effect on the obtained data. Improvements have also been achieved in the crater profile, characterized by an approximately flat crater bottom with nearly vertical walls, and less re-deposited particles on the crater depth and edge. Fixing the distance Z of the substrate from target surface, along the cell axis, and varying the deposition time from 1 to 30 min, a sequence of changes in the deposited film were observed by X-ray diffraction and energy dispersion X-ray (EDX). These changes start with an amorphous structure, followed by the appearance of Cu and Zn crystallites and a probable deposition of Cu5Zn8 clusters. The profile of the number of sputtered particles at different Z values is characterized by a number of peaks and troughs. This behavior has been explained by the occurrence of local cluster-dissociation and formation, by different collision processes. The improvements achieved by the application of the present jet assisted gas flow can be of value in the analytical application of this type of glow discharge.


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Sputtered-deposited thin brass films in a modified glow discharge Grimm-type source

  • K. I. Grais (a1), M. A. Eid (a1), N. L. Tawfik (a1), M. S. Abd-El-Aal (a1) and A. A. Shaltout (a1)...


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