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Ventricular Size and CSF Transmitter Metabolite Concentrations in Severe Endogenous Depression

  • H. M. A. S. Standish-Barry (a1), N. Bouras (a2), A. S. Hale (a3), P. K. Bridges (a4) and J. R. Bartlett (a5)...


The relationship between neurotransmitter metabolite concentrations and measurements of ventricular size on CAT scans and pneumoencephalographs was investigated in 15 patients with severe affective disorder. An association was identified between reduced levels of plasma free tryptophan and ventricular enlargement and also between raised ventricular CSF levels of 5 HIAA and ventricular enlargement.


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Ventricular Size and CSF Transmitter Metabolite Concentrations in Severe Endogenous Depression

  • H. M. A. S. Standish-Barry (a1), N. Bouras (a2), A. S. Hale (a3), P. K. Bridges (a4) and J. R. Bartlett (a5)...
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