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Sodium Valproate in Schizophrenia: Some Biochemical Correlates

  • A. Lautin (a1), B. Angrist (a1), M. Stanley (a1), S. Gershon (a1), K. Heckl (a1) and M. Karobath (a2)...


Sodium valproate given in doses of 750–3000 mg daily to eight schizophrenic patients produced a qualitatively similar increase in symptoms in five. CSF showed no significant change in γ-aminobutyric acid or methoxy hydroxyphenyl glycol, but homovanillic acid increased non-significantly in five patients.


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Sodium Valproate in Schizophrenia: Some Biochemical Correlates

  • A. Lautin (a1), B. Angrist (a1), M. Stanley (a1), S. Gershon (a1), K. Heckl (a1) and M. Karobath (a2)...


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Sodium Valproate in Schizophrenia: Some Biochemical Correlates

  • A. Lautin (a1), B. Angrist (a1), M. Stanley (a1), S. Gershon (a1), K. Heckl (a1) and M. Karobath (a2)...
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