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Psychological Correlates of Unemployment Among Male Parasuicides in Edinburgh

  • S. D. Platt (a1) and J. A. T. Dyer (a2)


Variations in clinical features associated with unemployment among a sample of male parasuicides were examined. Employed and unemployed persons did not differ in mean scores on the Suicidal Intent Scale, but the unemployed were rated significantly worse on measures of depression (Beck Depression Inventory) and hopelessness (Hopelessness Scale). A covariance analysis showed that hopelessness, rather than depression, is the important discriminator. Different patterns of relationships between the three clinical measures were observed in the two groups. Hopelessness may be a key social-psychological variable for inclusion in any model of the pathways which link unemployment with parasuicide.


Corresponding author

MRC Unit for Epidemiological Studies in Psychiatry, University Department of Psychiatry, Morningside Park, Edinburgh EH10 5HF


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Psychological Correlates of Unemployment Among Male Parasuicides in Edinburgh

  • S. D. Platt (a1) and J. A. T. Dyer (a2)


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Psychological Correlates of Unemployment Among Male Parasuicides in Edinburgh

  • S. D. Platt (a1) and J. A. T. Dyer (a2)
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