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Post-Ictal Psychoses: A Clinical and Phenomenological Description

  • S. J. Logsdail (a1) and B. K. Toone (a2)


Post-ictal psychoses have so far received little attention. The clinical details of 14 cases, diagnosed according to newly formulated criteria, were examined. Psychoses were usually precipitated by a run of seizures and occurred after a lucid interval. The seizures were partial complex with secondary generalisation in 11 cases. Catego analysis of the Present State Examination confirmed pleomorphic phenomenology. Follow-up details were available in all cases, for up to eight years. Psychoses tended to recur. Similarities with chronic epileptic psychosis are discussed, and a possible organic aetiology for post-ictal psychosis is proposed.


Corresponding author

Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG


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Post-Ictal Psychoses: A Clinical and Phenomenological Description

  • S. J. Logsdail (a1) and B. K. Toone (a2)


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Post-Ictal Psychoses: A Clinical and Phenomenological Description

  • S. J. Logsdail (a1) and B. K. Toone (a2)
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