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Negative Symptoms: Relationship to Other Schizophrenic Symptom Classes

  • P.J. McKenna (a1), C.E. Lund (a1) and Ann M. Mortimer (a1)


If negative symptoms represent a distinct class of schizophrenic symptoms, they should, to paraphrase Bleuler (1911), be more closely related to each other than they are to other schizophrenic symptoms. The first part of this statement, that negative symptoms are intrinsically related to each other, has received considerable experimental support (Andreasen, this volume; Mortimer et al, this volume). The second, that negative symptoms are unrelated to other schizophrenic symptoms, has been somewhat more unevenly investigated.



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Negative Symptoms: Relationship to Other Schizophrenic Symptom Classes

  • P.J. McKenna (a1), C.E. Lund (a1) and Ann M. Mortimer (a1)


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Negative Symptoms: Relationship to Other Schizophrenic Symptom Classes

  • P.J. McKenna (a1), C.E. Lund (a1) and Ann M. Mortimer (a1)
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