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A Model of Brain Function: Its Implications for Psychiatric Research

  • Bruce E. Wexler (a1)


Much current research in psychiatry proceeds in the absence of an integrated model of brain function. It is based instead on the effort to relate clinical syndromes to single, localised abnormalities in the brain. Such an approach is inconsistent with existing data, inadequate for linking research findings with clinical practice, and, probably, fundamentally misdirected. A model of brain function is presented that is based on Luria's notion of cerebral functional systems and on the proposition that the neural substrates of emotion are those processes that integrate different brain regions. Some of the implications of this model for research are discussed.


Corresponding author

Veterans Administration Medical Center, 116/A, West Haven, Connecticut 06516, USA


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A Model of Brain Function: Its Implications for Psychiatric Research

  • Bruce E. Wexler (a1)
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