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Management of First Episode Psychotic Illness in Afro-Caribbean Patients

  • Eric Y. H. Chen (a1), Glynn Harrison (a2) and Penny J. Standen (a3)


We studied retrospectively a consecutive series of 40 Afro-Caribbean patients and compared them with 40 non-Caribbean patients matched for age, sex, and diagnosis. There was no overall difference in initial or cumulative doses of neuroleptic medication in the early treatment of psychosis. However, a small subgroup of Afro-Caribbean patients received higher peak dosages. Clearly recorded episodes of behavioural disturbance were more frequent in Afro-Caribbean patients generally. They were more likely to be admitted compulsorily, discharged earlier, and prescribed depot medication.


Corresponding author

Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge, CB1 5EF


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Management of First Episode Psychotic Illness in Afro-Caribbean Patients

  • Eric Y. H. Chen (a1), Glynn Harrison (a2) and Penny J. Standen (a3)
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