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Life Events and Schizophrenia in Nigerians: A Controlled Investigation

  • Oye Gureje (a1) and A. Adewunmi (a1)


Forty-two first-episode RDC schizophrenic patients were matched on sociodemographic variables with an equal number of control subjects. The life-event histories of both groups for 6 months before onset or interview were compared. Onset of illness was not preceded by an increase in life events. The only significant observation was that control subjects had experienced more events in the month previous to interview. These were reported mainly by male control subjects, involved the family, and were possibly related to the period when the control subjects were interviewed. The observations are discussed within the context of the Nigerian culture.


Corresponding author

Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital of South Manchester, Withington, Manchester M20 8LR


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Life Events and Schizophrenia in Nigerians: A Controlled Investigation

  • Oye Gureje (a1) and A. Adewunmi (a1)


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Life Events and Schizophrenia in Nigerians: A Controlled Investigation

  • Oye Gureje (a1) and A. Adewunmi (a1)
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