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Is Mania Incompatible with Down's Syndrome?

  • Robert Sovner (a1), Anne Desnoyers Hurley (a2) and Richard Labrie (a3)


In reviewing the medical literature on the association between affective illness and mental retardation (Sovner & Hurley, 1983), we were intrigued to find that, although there were many cases of major depression and depressive neurosis among people with Down's syndrome, there were no reports of mania in such individuals. This finding provoked us to pursue the hypothesis that Down's syndrome may preclude the development of mania.


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Is Mania Incompatible with Down's Syndrome?

  • Robert Sovner (a1), Anne Desnoyers Hurley (a2) and Richard Labrie (a3)


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Is Mania Incompatible with Down's Syndrome?

  • Robert Sovner (a1), Anne Desnoyers Hurley (a2) and Richard Labrie (a3)
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