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Eeg Spectral Analysis in Schizophrenia

  • G. W. Fenton (a1), P. B. C. Fenwick (a2), J. Dollimore (a3), T. L. Dunn (a4) and S. R. Hirsch (a5)...


Four channels of EEG (T4-T6, P4-02, T3-T5, P3-01) were recorded from several groups of control subjects and schizophrenia patients on analogue tape. They were later digitized and analysed by computer; power spectra were computed for 30 second epochs of EEG per channel; eyes closed, eyes open. No difference between normal controls and neurotic in-patients was apparent. An acute schizophrenic group had less alpha power, this change being confined largely to the temporal areas. A chronic outpatient sample showed less alpha and beta power, while chronic long-stay schizophrenic patients had an excess of delta power. The changes in both chronic patient groups were diffuse rather than local.



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Eeg Spectral Analysis in Schizophrenia

  • G. W. Fenton (a1), P. B. C. Fenwick (a2), J. Dollimore (a3), T. L. Dunn (a4) and S. R. Hirsch (a5)...


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Eeg Spectral Analysis in Schizophrenia

  • G. W. Fenton (a1), P. B. C. Fenwick (a2), J. Dollimore (a3), T. L. Dunn (a4) and S. R. Hirsch (a5)...
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