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Dimensions of Behaviour in Infant School Children

  • I. Kolvin (a1), S. Wolff (a2), L. M. Barber (a1), E. G. Tweddle (a1), R. F. Garside (a1), D. McI. Scott (a1) and S. Chambers (a1)...


Much attention has been devoted to the classification of the behaviour disorders of childhood, and various authors have identified what they consider to be clinically homogeneous groups. The alternative to a clinical approach to classification is a multivariate approach in an attempt to identify more scientifically the main dimensions underlying the wide range of behaviour disorders that occur in children. A model for a multivariate classification was pioneered by Hewitt and Jenkins (1946), who delineated three behaviour syndromes:

  1. (a)socialized delinquency;
  2. (b)unsocialized aggressive behaviour;
  3. (c)over-inhibited behaviour.



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Dimensions of Behaviour in Infant School Children

  • I. Kolvin (a1), S. Wolff (a2), L. M. Barber (a1), E. G. Tweddle (a1), R. F. Garside (a1), D. McI. Scott (a1) and S. Chambers (a1)...
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