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Dementia Praecox Revisited: Age Disorientation, Mental Status, and Ventricular Enlargement

  • Terry E. Goldberg (a1), Joel E. Kleinman (a1), David G. Daniel (a1), Michael S. Myslobodsky (a1), John D. Ragland (a1) and Daniel R. Weinberger (a1)...


Thirty-nine patients with DSM–III diagnoses of schizophrenia were examined for age disorientation, an inability to produce one's correct chronological age upon request. Six patients were age-disoriented and demented (as defined by Mini-Mental State evaluation), while two patients had delusions concerning their age, but were not demented. Age-disoriented, demented patients had very large cerebral ventricles and very low Mini-Mental State scores. This group differed on the cognitive and neuroanatomic variables from other demented, but not age-disoriented, patients, as well as from non-demented patients who were age-oriented. The age-disoriented patients appeared to be at an extreme end of the dementia spectrum in schizophrenia.


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Dementia Praecox Revisited: Age Disorientation, Mental Status, and Ventricular Enlargement

  • Terry E. Goldberg (a1), Joel E. Kleinman (a1), David G. Daniel (a1), Michael S. Myslobodsky (a1), John D. Ragland (a1) and Daniel R. Weinberger (a1)...
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