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A Clinical Trial of Phenelzine in Anxiety Depressive and Phobic Neuroses

  • C. Q. Mountjoy (a1), Martin Roth (a1), R. F. Garside (a1) and I. M. Leitch (a1)


A double-blind clinical trial of phenelzine and diazepam against placebo and diazepam in neurotic patients over a four-week period showed phenelzine to be superior to placebo on three rating scales in some groups of patients who completed the trial. The findings suggest that phenelzine may exert a beneficial effect on some as yet undefined features of anxiety and depression which were not revealed by a multiple regression analysis of clinical symptomatology or premorbid personality.



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A Clinical Trial of Phenelzine in Anxiety Depressive and Phobic Neuroses

  • C. Q. Mountjoy (a1), Martin Roth (a1), R. F. Garside (a1) and I. M. Leitch (a1)
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