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Thalamus & Related Systems
  • ISSN: 1472-9288 (Print), 1744-8107 (Online)
Thalamus and Related Systems publishes papers on the structure, organization and chemistry of thalamic neurons, including the development, single-cell electrophysiology and synaptic interaction, molecular biology, neuropsychology, computational neurobiology and pathology of the thalamus. Experimental studies, using a variety of techniques in vivo, in vitro and in computo, as well as clinical and behavioural studies (but not case reports), will be considered for publication. Papers with relevance to the thalamus and related systems, such as activities in thalamocortical, corticothalamic or brainstem-thalamic interactions, will also be considered. Multiple-part papers are encouraged. The journal publishes regular articles, short communications, occasional feature articles to address current and important issues (by invitation), mini-reviews and commentaries, and book reviews relevant to the thalamus.