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Scottish Journal of Theology is an international journal of systematic, historical and biblical theology. Since its foundation in 1948, it has become established as one of the world's leading theological journals. As well as publishing original research articles, many issues contain an article review consisting of an extensive review of a recent book, with a reply from the author. Scottish Journal of Theology provides an ecumenical forum for debate, and engages in extensive reviewing of theological and biblical literature.

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  • The “Lonely Game”: Baseball, Kierkegaard, and the Spiritual Life
  • 12 June 2020, Christopher B. Barnett
  • Until 15th July read Christopher B. Barnett’s full article “The “Lonely Game”: Baseball, Kierkegaard, and the Spiritual Life” from Horizons, In August 2010, David Bentley Hart published a short essay entitled “The Perfect Game: The Metaphysical Meaning of Baseball.”[1] Known for weighty tomes such as The Beauty of the Infinite (2003) and Atheist Delusions (2010), Hart seemed an unlikely candidate to analyze a sport often referred to as a “pastime.” What is most memorable about the essay is Hart’s claim that baseball is “the very Platonic ideal of organized sport,” indeed, that it is “‘the moving image of eternity’ in athleticis.” Hart claimed that baseball would one day be remembered as America’s greatest contribution to human civilization—an “invention” and, indeed, a “discovery” of the “traces of eternity’s radiance in fugitive splendors” on Earth.…...