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  • ISSN: 0960-1163 (Print), 1478-5110 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Andrew Spicer Oxford Brookes University, UK and Professor Richard Toye University of Exeter, UK
  • Editorial board
The Royal Historical Society (and its predecessor body, the Camden Society) has since 1838 published editions of sources on British History. The publication is ongoing (two volumes per annum) and is now published in association with Cambridge University Press. Almost the entire archive is now available through Cambridge Journals Online. Go to entry for Royal Society Transactions to see full details

The Papers of John Hatsell, Clerk of The House of Commons 1768 - 1820

John Hatsell (1733–1820) held the office of Clerk of the House of Commons from 1768 to 1820. In his letters and Memorabilia entries – published here for the first time – Hatsell brought to bear his intimate familiarity with high politics during the reign of George III. Hatsell’s expertise in financial policy inspired him to offer counsel to Pitt the Younger during Pitt’s first premiership (1783–1801). Hatsell’s other correspondents include Henry Addington (speaker 1789–1801 and prime minister 1801–1804), Charles Abbot (speaker 1802–1817), and William Eden (diplomat and president of the Board of Trade in the Ministry of All the Talents, 1806–1807). Hatsell centres his attention on the enduring constitutional significance of the changes he experienced in his public and private life. Hatsell’s wry humour is often on display as he reveals the lighter side of social and political life in Great Britain.

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