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Mediterranean diet score and incidence of IHD: a global comparative study

  • Ayako Sezaki (a1), Tomoko Imai (a1), Keiko Miyamoto (a2), Fumiya Kawase (a2) and Hiroshi Shimokata (a2)...



The aim of the present study was to clarify the global relationship between Mediterranean diet score (MDS) and the incidence of IHD by country using international statistics.


The incidence of IHD by country was derived from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) database. Average supplies of food (g/d per capita) and energy (kcal/d per capita) by country, excluding loss between production and household, were obtained from the FAOSTAT database. MDS was evaluated based on the total score of nine food items that characterize the Mediterranean diet. The association between MDS and the incidence of IHD was examined in countries with a population of 1 million or greater using a general linear model controlled for socio-economic and lifestyle variables.


Population data from global international databases.


One hundred and thirty-two countries with a population of over 1 million.


MDS was inversely correlated with obesity rate, ageing rate, years of education and IHD incidence; however, no associations were found with gross domestic product, life expectancy, smoking rate, energy supply or health expenditure. In the general linear model of IHD incidence by MDS controlled for socio-economic and lifestyle variables, the β of the MDS was –26·4 (se 8·6; P<0·01).


The results of this global international comparative study confirmed that the Mediterranean diet is inversely associated with the incidence of IHD.


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Mediterranean diet score and incidence of IHD: a global comparative study

  • Ayako Sezaki (a1), Tomoko Imai (a1), Keiko Miyamoto (a2), Fumiya Kawase (a2) and Hiroshi Shimokata (a2)...


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