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The Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure at Staines, Surrey: Excavations 1961–63

  • Reay Robertson-Mackay (a1), S. Butcher, F. Cameron, H. Chandra, B. Conway, J. Dawes, F. Dimes, C. Grigson, E. Healey, H. Helbaek, E. Higgs, H. Hodges, H. Pengelly and A. Whittle...


The partial excavation under rescue conditions in 1961–63 of the ditches and interior of an enclosure of the earlier neolithic period is described. The enclosure, covering a total area of approximately 2.4 ha, was defined by double concentric interrupted ditches, which were for the most part naturally filled. There were many traces of activity within the interior, presumed to be contemporary with the ditches, including pits, gullies, post- and stake-holes, and varying concentrations of struck and burnt flint and pottery. Human burials were found. There is a little Ebbsfleet pottery in secondary contexts and there are later prehistoric, Roman and medieval finds. It is probably not possible to ascribe a single or specific role to the site, which may have been important as a place where several activities were concentrated, including occupation, subsistence, exchange, enclosure or defence, burial and ritual.



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The Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure at Staines, Surrey: Excavations 1961–63

  • Reay Robertson-Mackay (a1), S. Butcher, F. Cameron, H. Chandra, B. Conway, J. Dawes, F. Dimes, C. Grigson, E. Healey, H. Helbaek, E. Higgs, H. Hodges, H. Pengelly and A. Whittle...


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