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About this journal
Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union
  • ISSN: 1743-9213 (Print), 1743-9221 (Online)
  • Frequency: 9 issues per year
Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union publishes high-quality and timely previews and reviews of fundamental and state-of-the-art astrophysical developments around the world, as presented at some nine IAU-sponsored conferences per year and at the triennial General Assemblies of the IAU. Subjects covered include fundamental astronomy; the sun and heliosphere; planetary systems; stars and variable stars; interstellar matter; the galactic system; galaxies and the Universe; optical and infrared techniques; radio astronomy; and space and high-energy astrophysics. The Proceedings are published under the auspices of the IAU.

Digital archives

Digital archives are available for this journal, providing instant online access to a repository of high-quality digitised historical content. For more information, please see the Cambridge journals digital archive.

This journal is published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of its managers and owners, The International Astronomical Union.