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Genetic analysis of sugarcane brown rust resistance genes in wild sugarcane germplasm Erianthus rockii ‘Yundian 95-19’ and Erianthus rockii ‘Yundian 95-20’

  • Rong-Yue Zhang (a1), Wen-Feng Li (a1), Ying-Kun Huang (a1), Xin Lu (a1), Xiao-Yan Wang (a1), Hong-Li Shan (a1), Jie Li (a1), Xiao-Yan Cang (a1), Jiong Yin (a1) and Zhi-Ming Luo (a1)...


We assessed inheritance of resistance to sugarcane brown rust (Puccinia melanocephala) in selfing F1 populations of wild sugarcane germplasm Erianthus rockii ‘Yundian 95-19’ and E. rockii ‘Yundian 95-20’. We tested parent and selfing F1 individuals for the brown rust resistance gene, Bru1, that has been shown to confer resistance to brown rust in sugarcane. The Bru1 gene was not detected in E. rockii ‘Yundian 95-19’, E. rockii ‘Yundian 95-20’ or their selfing F1 individuals, and we found there was segregation of resistance in the two selfing F1 populations (segregation ratio: 3:1). The results confirmed resistance in E. rockii ‘Yundian 95-19’ and E. rockii ‘Yundian 95-20’ to sugarcane brown rust is controlled by a novel, single dominant gene.


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