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Application of SV markers developed from Dongxiang common wild rice in analysis of cultivated rice

  • Fantao Zhang (a1), Yuan Luo (a1), Bin Ai (a1), Yong Chen (a1), Weidong Qi (a1) and Jiankun Xie (a1)...


Dongxiang common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff., DXWR) is an important genetic resource for the improvement of cultivated rice. For the past three decades, great achievements have been made in the field of molecular marker development. Although structural variations (SVs) had been studied between DXWR and Nipponbare (Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica), the development and application of SV markers in DXWR has not been reported. In this study, based on the genome-wide SV loci, we developed and synthesized a total of 195 SV markers that were evenly distributed across the 12 rice chromosomes. Then, these markers were tested for their stabilities and polymorphisms. Of these 195 markers, 147 (75.4%) were successfully amplified and displayed abundant polymorphisms between DXWR and Nipponbare. Meanwhile, through the genotyping of 20 rice varieties from 13 countries and areas, we concluded that these SV markers have a wide application prospect in the analysis of cultivated rice. Therefore, these molecular markers greatly enrich the number of markers available for DXWR, which will facilitate genomic research and molecular breeding for this important and endangered germplasm resource.


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Application of SV markers developed from Dongxiang common wild rice in analysis of cultivated rice

  • Fantao Zhang (a1), Yuan Luo (a1), Bin Ai (a1), Yong Chen (a1), Weidong Qi (a1) and Jiankun Xie (a1)...


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